What is Awaken Texas?

Awaken Texas is a state-wide prayer movement to unify the church to pray and fast for personal renewal, revival in our churches, and an awakening throughout our state. 

When is Awaken Texas?

January 29th - February 18, 2024

Where is Awaken Texas?

This 21-day journey of prayer and fasting will take place wherever you are located day-in and day-out. This is not about a big event; rather it's about mobilizing the church to pray for a movement of God in Texas.

Who is Awaken Texas for?

This is for any Jesus follower willing to pray with others throughout Texas, fasting as God leads, for one month: January 29th - February 18th. 


  1. 1. Please email us to let us know that your church will be joining with other churches across Texas for the 21 days of prayer. The only commitment is praying and as able mobilizing your church to pray.
  2. 2. There will be daily devotionals written by pastors from around Texas for the 21 days which will be available in January 29th. Follow along on our Facebook or Instagram.
  3. 3. Encourage and mobilize people to personally engage in the ways included below: "How Can I Be Involved?"


  1. 1. Commit to pray every day for the 21 days and fasting as the Lord leads you. Email us if you are joining this initiative at info@texaschurchofgod.org 
  2. 2. Read and pray through the 21 day prayer devotionals.
  3. 3. Join us at one of our Regional Gatherings as we pray for revival.

During The Next 21 Days Focus on Reading, Praying & Fasting.




Morning or Evening: Jesus and the psalmists are often found praying in the morning (e.g., Psalm 5:3; Luke 4:42). The evenings less so, but choose a time when you are at your best and most attentive. 


Lunch Break: If you have time during your workday to read during your lunch or another break, this might be a perfect way to spend you time. 


Anytime: Some of you may have such busy lives that you need to fit it in whenever you can. This is totally normal. Make sure that whatever time you decide to read your Bible that you are in a place where you can focus and reflect on God’s Word. 



Bible Reading Plan: Choose a plan and work the plan. If you miss some days, do not try to catch up. Simply pick up where you left off. 


Journal: We recommend using a simple journal that’s easy to use. You can find these just about any store, especially bookstores or online.


Pen: Take notes within your Bible or a journal.



Pray: Ask God to speak to you through his Word. And then expect God to speak. Your approach to God’s Word will greatly impact your times of personal worship. Ask God to search your heart and to transform your life.


Read: Take notes as you read. If you have a question or have difficulty understanding something, use the study Bible notes to explore answers. 


Journal: (try to limit it to one page per day to start): Start a new page and record the date and Scripture you read on the top line. Write down a verse or two that stood out to you. Stay focused on what God is saying through his Word that intersects with your everyday life.


The power of prayer deepens our dependence on Him and sharpens our faith. When we pray we choose to put everything in God’s hands knowing that His hand will show up in every aspect of our lives and in those around us.

The act of prayer is what creates our intimacy with God. We can practice the spiritual habit of prayer knowing that our requests go to a God who hears us and who invites us to be intimately involved in His plan. For this reason, we pray in confidence knowing that our prayers are powerful and can bring about change in any circumstance.

There are no levels to this. We all can enter prayer with a posture of trust, openness, and faith, believing that God can do far more than we could even ask or imagine. It’s not about our circumstances, it’s about our heart stance.

Pray for these topics:


1. Your Faith 

2. Your Family & Friends 

3. Your Church 

4. Your Community

5. Your City


Fasting is the ancient practice of choosing to abstain from food for a certain period of time. It is a spiritual discipline, the purpose of which is training to become more like Jesus. The motivation of our fasting is to draw closer to the heart of God. Fasting is a Christian discipline to break the power of the flesh in our life – our desires, sins, and cravings – and to be fueled by the Holy Spirit.


‍Fasting teaches us that we can go without getting what we want and survive. Fasting can free us from having to have what we want. Therefore, fasting can teach moderation or self-control, not only in relation to food, but in other areas as well. It teaches contentment. (I Timothy 6:6)


Fasting expresses and deepens our hunger for God. Richard Foster says, “Fasting reminds us that we are sustained “by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God:” (Matt. 4:4). Food does not sustain us; God sustains us. In Christ, “All things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). Therefore, in experiences of fasting, we are abstaining from food or other activities and feasting on God’s Word. Fasting must always, first and foremost, center on God. It must be about Him.


In summary, fasting is not about getting from God but it is about getting to God.

There are different types of fasting, and we recommend prayerfully considering which practice is best for you at this time.




Consuming only liquids for a specific period of time.



Abstaining from specific kinds of food.

For example: Daniel Fast


TV/SOCIAL MEDIA: Choosing to abstain from certain technologies for a specific period of time.