Ministry Pass

Ministry Pass is a pastor's sermon helper with complete sermon series, illustrations, research material, sermon calendaring, graphics and more.


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Sermonary is a pastor's sermon builder resource that "helps you plan, write, and deliver effective sermons." 


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ANDERSON 3 to receive 3 months free of Sermonary.

Church Books

You were called to be a Pastor, NOT an accountant. Let Churchbooks, a Texas-based church book keeping an non-profit accounting comapny, crunch the numbers and handle the details. 

Mission Insite

MissionInsite is a web based analytical tool providing community demopraphic information designed to empower churches with the tools they need to visualize and cultivate their current and prospective members, donors and volunteers.


Send us an email at: to get started. 


The Church of God Ministries program, Clergy Advocacy & Resource Effort, is a program for pastors under 40 years of age, or for leaders of congregations less than 10 years old.

Let's Pray Devotional

Teach your church how to pray with this and join in prayer for renewal in our lives, revival in our churches, and a spiritual awakening in our state.


Let's Pray YOUVERSION Devotional  


Spanish Version