Sabbatical & Sabbath

We believe that in order for a pastor to be healthy a regular sabbatical and seasons of rest are important. Learn more about sabbaticals and sabbath by contacting us at: info@texaschurchofgod.org

Support Your Pastor

 What makes a pastor's position so tough? They are on call 24/7. They deal with issues of life, death, and eternity. They are constantly invited into some life's hardest situations: crises, divorces, imprisonments, suicides, etc. These circumstances are high stress. On top of all this, pastors are essentially CEOs of small corporations, expected to teach and speak weekly!

 What else should I know about Sabbaticals? A Sabbatical is an opportunity to allow the minister to be away from the congregation for an extended period. It is not a vacation, but time for intentional exploration and reflection, drinking anew from God's life-giving waters through personal study and renewal. It allows our pastors to regain enthusiasm and creativity for the ministry.

 How can we hold up our pastor's arms? We can pray regularly for our pastor and their family. We can have their back, discouraging others from speaking negatively about them. We can protect their days off, pay them well, and be generous with our appreciation. Plus, we can offer a Sabbatical.

 What guidelines should be put in place for a Sabbatical? A minister should design a sabbatical that is unique to them. Sabbaticals should be planned with the church's leadership, with an agreed-upon purpose and goals for the time away. Sabbaticals are planned to give balanced time for personal relaxation and other components, like education and travel.

 What is a Sabbatical? A Sabbatical has biblical foundations in Genesis and Leviticus, which speaks of "Sabbath time" in terms of days, years, and land usage. A Sabbatical is a gift of rest for both renewal and hope. Scripture infers that regular, periodic rejuvenation is vital in all areas of life.

 What should a Sabbatical Proposal include? A Sabbatical Proposal should include what the minister desires to accomplish during the time away, a timeline of plans and activities, detailed congregational leadership assignments, specific declaration of expected budget expenses, and the preparation of an evaluation form to assess church life during the Sabbatical.

 What's the purpose of a Sabbatical? A Sabbatical feeds the body, mind, and soul, resulting in renewed, refreshed, and revitalized energy to function as a shepherd and servant leader. Sabbaticals create opportunities for the minister to recapture a sense of vision, be nurtured in faith and skills, become introspective, rekindle spiritual passion, refocus priorities, review the ministerial journey, and reflect on the call of God for their life and ministry.    

 What are the anticipated results of a Sabbatical? Following a Sabbatical, a minister often resumes congregational leadership with a fresh spirit and renewed passion. A healthier leader results in a healthier church!

 How can I support my church during a Sabbatical? Pray for your pastor and their family during their time away. Remain faithful in your attendance, giving, and serving. Be ready to support new vision and passion for ministry upon your pastor's return!